Processing herbs

We have surplus herb processing capacities which can be utilized on your behalf. Due to our certifications, we are also able to process Organic (BIO)/NOP certified products.


The following facilities can be put at your disposal for processing herbs according to your requirements:


CO2 chamber

The low-pressure CO2 chamber has a capacity of 12 pallets and is used for treating herbs, or when a higher temperature is used, for reducing microbiological content.

Cutting line

The cutting line is suitable for rough cutting and precise screening and grading; 3 mesh sizes (from 0.3 mm to 12 mm) are available, as well as a square knife for dicing (e.g. of orange peel). The line is also equipped with a separator for heavy foreign matter (such as stones) and a metal impurity trapping magnet at the main discharge of the grading line. Products can be cut from 50 kg.

Grinding line

The grinding line is suitable for grinding/creating fine-cut herbs (especially for bags for infusions); quantities from 200 kg can be processed. Two meshes can be used. The grading line is equipped with a metal detector. For grinding, it is possible to choose between hammer mills or a rotary cutting machine.

Granulation line

The granulation line is used to process the finer grades of herbs which are the by-product of previous production processes. The resulting pellets/granules can be used later, especially to adjust the volumetric weight in bags for infusions.

Sorting line

The sorting line separates those parts of herbs that differ in weight e.g. stems from leaves.

Mixing line

The mixing line is used to homogenize individual batches or herbal mixtures.

Drying chambers

These chambers are used for drying herbs to the required moisture content and for further processing.

Herb packaging

Manual medicinal herb packaging to order.